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Multi-port Industrial Firewall System
Short Description: 

The EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402 are multi-port firewalls in convection cooled metal DIN Rail housings which support eight LAN ports – two of which are Gigabit and two SHDSL ports. Available in two versions, the EAGLE20-0400 firewall supports 4 x 100 Mb/s ports, while the EAGLE30-0402 firewall supports 4 x 100 Mb/s ports, 2 x SHDSL ports and 2x1 Gb/s ports; the Gigabit ports are SFP ports.

With many configuration options available, a single device can be deployed in many scenarios, eliminating the need for multiple routers, which significantly saves both space and costs. Link speeds greater than 100 Mb/s are also available through the EAGLE30-0402’s gigabit ports, in order to deliver the highest level of network security. With optional SHDSL Interfaces LANs can be cost effective connected to each other using existing telephone copper lines. Replacement of devices can be configured using USB sticks and SD cards making it possible to exchange faulty devices.

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