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ComPass Bs
Control function for switching a load-break switch or circuit-breaker

Product Features

  • For all types of networks/neutral point treatments
  • Fault indicator: 2 directional arrow LEDs (A, B) and OLED display
  • 6 earth fault detection methods
  • High-precision current and voltage measurement
  • Monitoring of the parameters voltage (V), current (I), load current (B↓ or A↑), power factor (cos φ), power (P, Q), energy (E) and temperature (T)
  • Limit monitoring: V, I, P, Q, T
  • Simultaneous voltage monitoring via capacitive and resistive voltage coupling
  • ComPass Explorer Software: Commissioning and parametrisation via front-mounted USB port
  • Switch ComPass Bs with control function and freely programmable logic


The ComPass B is suitable for use in substations with a remote control connection of the electrical power distribution in a medium voltage network. ComPass B supplies the collected measured values and their defined limits for transmission to the control room.


If a fault occurs, the unique fault direction is displayed via flashing directional arrows. In addition, phase selectivity and fault mode (earth fault or short circuit) can be read in the OLED display. The PT100 sensor measures the temperature, for example of the transformer or the transformer station. Two high and low temperature thresholds can be defined in each case.


In addition to the functions of the ComPass B, the Switch ComPass Bs offers a control function for switching a load-break switch or circuit-breaker. Random information, such as the SF6 gas disruption or HV tripped fuse, can be captured via the free assignment of the 6 binary inputs. The combination of binary inputs with a freely programmable logic (32 modules, PLC functionality), enables the user to define the switching conditions in a flexible manner.