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Gridstream Converge
Automatic Metering Management System

Flexibility and efficiency from metering to billing

Gridstream Converge belongs to the latest generation of automatic meter reading systems and meter data warehouses. The system delivers the prerequisites for an automated, end-to-end process – from metering to billing.

Today’s business and regulatory environment means there is increasing demand for the quantity, quality and availability of data. Gridstream Converge is used in several type of operations and our customer base includes distribution, transmission and generation companies. The system also serves integrated utilities in partially-liberalized markets.

Gridstream Converge is deployed for municipal utilities and as a high-availability, redundant system for very large utilities. It processes electricity, gas, heat and water data. The system’s scalability and modularity ensure tailored system configuration.


Helping business processes
Gridstream Converge enables data from many different meters to be easily read, edited, processed, and passed to various market players. This type of process data provides the basis for utilities to develop solid customer care and billing of services that they provide. Furthermore, Gridstream Converge enables automatic acquisition of customer-specific data, and the production of clearly laid-out graphs, tables, reports and tariff structures. This information can be transferred over the internet.


Gridstream Converge is comprised of three key elements:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data processing
  • A flexible interface for routing data


Benefits of Gridstream Converge „

  • Collect data from ICG meters automatically and accurately for utility business processes „
  • Utilize the extensive meter support with over 140 different meter types from more than 40 manufacturers including all major protocols „
  • Select the appropriate communication technology from the wide selection „ Scalable system up to 500,000 metering points „
  • Integrate Converge to other business systems with flexible interfaces „
  • Measure and report also power quality metrics „
  • Ensure success with a system that has strong references and proven performance.


Data Acquisition Features „

  • Automatic and manual meter reading „
  • Load profile data, meter value status, billing data and meter status „
  • Synchronizing central station and device time „
  • Daylight saving handling „
  • Communication diagnostics and maintenance „
  • Communication back up line for enhanced availability „
  • Acquisition monitoring „
  • Data validation „
  • More than 140 different meter types supported „
  • All standard protocols being supported (i.e. DLMS, ANSI, IEC) „
  • Supported communication technologies: GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, PSTN, Serial „
  • Flexible Data Calculation

Data Processing Features „

  • Consumer data in tree structure „
  • Predefined report templates (HTML, Excel, TXT) „
  • Own report creation and distribution „
  • Data calculations and aggregations „
  • Daily tariffs and agreements „
  • Day profiles including holidays „
  • Data storage „
  • Integration with other systems (using standard IEC 61968) or custom defined interface „
  • Interfaces to billing systems (incl. SAP IS-U/CCS, SAP IS-U/EDM) „
  • Interfaces to internet portals (incl. W1000)


Administration Features „

  • Protected user access „
  • Role based Authorization „
  • Data segmentation „
  • Meter data archiving „
  • Advanced auditability – Logged activity „
  • Alarm and event processing


Virtualization: „

Virtualization is supported on certified Microsoft solutions (VMware, Hyper V)

Oracle Exadata compliant / ready


Disaster recovery: „

  • RAC (Real Application Cluster) „
  • Oracle Data Guard „
  • Oracle Fail Safe


System Requirements

Hardware requirements are depending on the size and on the expected performance. A detailed description for a system of a certain size can be provided per request. Converge supports 64-bit server environment.


Minimum system requirements: „

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server „
  • Database: Oracle „
  • Client web browser: Internet Explorer „
  • Microsoft Excel