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Oil-Immersed Power Transformer (Organic/Mineral Oil)
Up to 36kV

General characteristics

Natural ester as dielectric liquid

  • Excellent dielectric properties:
    • It has a high water saturation point, which allows it to maintain high breakdown voltage values with a high water content.
  • •High fire resistance:
    • High flash point (>300 ºC) and fire point (>350 ºC),much higher than those of mineral oils.
    • It is classified as a K class liquid (Fire point > 300 ºC)according to Standard IEC 61100.
    • Better behaviour against fire than mineral oil transformers.
  • High biodegradability in ground and water due to its natural composition.
  • It is not ecotoxic.
  • Long service life:
    • It prolongs the life of the cellulosic insulations thanks to its high water retention capacity.
  • Recyclable and reusable in other favourable environmental products (biodiesel) at the end of itsservice life.
  • The electrical characteristics and dimensions of thetransformer are not affected*.


  • Superior dielectric properties with high water content:
  • Higher breakdown voltage with high water content (much higher water saturation level than mineral oils).
  • Higher level of safety:
  • Higher fire and flash points than the rest of dielectric liquids.
  • Non-toxic product.
  • Recyclable and reusable at the end of its service life.
  • Increases the service life of the transformer:
  • Increases the service life of the cellulosic insulations thanks to its high water saturation point.
  • Lower generation of gas during the electrical stress that it endures during operation.
  • Severe oxidation tests show that the acids generated in the natural ester do not decrease its breakdown voltage or affect copper negatively