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ExI BIT and Seminar 2016 Second Year Run, A Sucess

ExI BIT and Seminar 2016 Second Year Run, A Sucess

Monday, May 23, 2016

PPI Pazifik Power and ExI successfully conducted its second year run of a joint Exi BIT and Seminar event held at the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City from May 21 to 22, 2016.The 2-day seminar was attended by its partners in the industrial and commercial sectors such as designers, contractors and end-users across the country.

Highlights of the event include presentation  by foreign and local resource speakers of:

a.The latest electric power technology and best practices

b. Focused topics on power solutions with commercial and industrial merits covering electricity metering solution,protective relays and medium voltage switchgears.  

Indoor showcase featured meters and protective relays equipment.  

Outdoor exhibit boost of the impresive display of a fascinating dimension to the event, PPI and ExI took advantage of the beautiful outdoor landscape of DAP by mounting an impressive display of a must- see Dry-Type Cast Resin in fibre glass container and Oil Filled Transformer and switchgear. 

The event was also an opportune time for participants to meet and network with co-participants in the industry.